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Topic 3: Phase structure of QCD & quark stars

Description & objectives:

The goal of this research line is the study of the phase diagram of QCD (the microscopic theory of the strong interactions). Understanding the properties of QCD at finite temperature and finite density, summarized in its phase diagram, is of importance for the physics of heavy ion collisions, very dense stars and the early universe. Calculations of properties of QCD are often extremely demanding, so in some cases it is useful to consider low energy effective theories of the strong interactions. Many of these simpler models such as sigma models or the NJL model share some of the striking features of QCD, like asymptotic freedom, confinement, chiral symmetry breaking and color superconductivity. Some of these theories allow for topologically nontrivial solutions that are also expected to play an important role in QCD. Their influence on the phase structure of QCD, and consequently on the properties of compact stars, is one of the main objectives of this research line. Another main aim is to investigate the possibility of meta-stable states, in particular, CP violating ones, and their potential relevance for the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe.


Main results: